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Warren Tomlinson


  • I am a Compliance officer working in the financial services industry in London.  In my spare time I am an avid wargamer with a particular interest in the Napoleonic and American Civil wars.  My wife and I recently became enthusiastic “allotmenteers” and are hoping to produce a viable crop of veggies this year!
  • As part of my undergraduate degree I took a course in Archaeology.  Although it was only a first year level course, I found it quite fascinating. What particularly drew me to this dig is the opportunity to work on something that has never been excavated before.  Having visited Stonehenge in the past I became interested in the barrows which surround that structure and I couldn’t pass up a chance to investigate a hitherto undiscovered burial chamber. It’s also a nice thought to think that I may be part (albeit small) of something historic.
  • Getting to my first find was amazing. I was trowelling for ages and then I recognised a rim of a pot (my wife is a potter). I found a couple pieces afterwards. I'd love to come back and I'll bring my wife next time!

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