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Peter Wood


  • I'm self employed/ freelance working for local companies in printing and also reupholstery and furniture restoration. When I'm not doing that or looking after my two young children, I'm working my way through an A-level archaeology course online with college-on-the-net
  • I found out about DigVentures a couple of years ago when I googled all the members of Time Team to find out what they all went on to do, and came across an interview with Raksha Dave. Since then I've really been waiting for a site that's close enough for me to commute to- and also to have the funds spare to actually do it! So, why did I decide to support DigVentures? I think what you guys do is wonderful and extremely important for archaeology as a discipline, the public's awareness of it, and (crucially) their accessibility to it. It seems to me to be the natural next step after programmes like Time Team on TV. Public participation is the way a lot of things are going now, and you're doing it brilliantly!
  • The highlight for me was finding a chert borer. I've worked on archaeological sites before and am doing a A Level with plans to study at Uni. I would really like to join the project in Yorkshire to get more experience at different period sites. It's also really close to home!

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