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Maiya Pina-Dacier

DV Staff

  • Maiya was born to find adventure wherever she goes. Having dug as far afield as Rwanda, Spain, the Caribbean and Coventry, Maiya returned to explore the City, where she studied the strange peoples and their unusual practices known as "financial services". Maiya is fascinated by the different ways humans organise themselves past, present and future. Her motto? LibertĂ©, EgalitĂ©, ArchaeologĂ©! Twitter: @muckymaiya
  • Xose's mattock masterclass. Finding the massive key. When Fred, one of our Digital Venturers arrived from Washington, we tried to show him around site and he said don't bother as he already knew where they were due to our videos. He said he was only here to see Fergus.

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